Frequently Asked Questions

What is Royal Med?
This is a high-end, tailor-made inpatient family health insurance plan that provides you and your family with superior features, including a vast network of hospitals and medical facilities inside the country in the event of illness or an accident.
Why should I consider getting Royal Med?
Amazing premium payment options, access to the nation's top hospitals, flexible and reasonable premium plans, and a customer service team on call around the clock are just a few available features.
What options are available
Royal Med covers two options: Open Panel Option and Limited Panel Option.
What advantages do I receive from Option 1?
The Limited Panel is the first option. It includes all inpatient benefits offered by the Royal Med plan, with the exception of certain panel providers.
What advantages do I receive from Option 2?
The Open Panel is selection (2). It covers all inpatient benefits under the Royal Med plan, including all providers on the chosen panel.
What if I have an NHIF?
No problem! You can still access all the benefits that come along with Royal Med cover.
Can I buy Royal Med for someone else?
In terms of financial information, you can sponsor someone else. The cover, nevertheless, would still be in his or her official information if over the age of 18 years. Age-restricted individuals will be covered as the primary members' dependents.
Who is covered under the Royal Med?
Children from one month to 18 years and up to 25 years if in college, and fully dependent on parents/ or guardians.
What are the age limits to access Royal Med?
Principal members and spouses are covered up to 70 years. Entry point is, however, restricted to 70 years.
Can I use my medical insurance anywhere in Kenya?
Royal Med is largely accessible anywhere in Kenya.
What is a panel of providers?
These are the list of hospitals approved by the RAIB Ltd.
Can foreigners or expatriates get Royal Med?
Yes, with the submission of relevant documents.
Can I receive international medical coverage with the Royal Med insurance plan?
No, Royal Med covers within Kenya's geographical limit.
Can I access outpatient services with Royal Med?
Royal Med exclusively covers inpatient needs.
How do I make a claim with my medical insurance provider?
In the event of a claim, inform your RAIB agent as soon as possible.
Can I add dependents to my medical insurance plan?
You can add as many dependents as you like!
Can I change my medical insurance plan?
Royal Med is specifically designed to enable flexibility in terms of plans. During the renewal process, you can upgrade as you choose.
How do I contact my medical insurance provider for assistance or inquiries?
Royal Med offers customer service around the clock in the event of an emergency. 254 20 5135700 / +254 741 000 006
Does Royal Med medical insurance cover pre-existing conditions?
Pre-existing conditions, including HIV-AIDS, are covered.
What is the waiting period for medical insurance?
30 days until the policy starts.
Can I have a premium payment plan for my Royal Med Insurance?
We offer flexible payment plans for our clients.
What happens if I miss a premium payment?
The grace period for lapsed policies is 30 days. Further than that, the policy will run as new.
What do I need in order to access a credit facility?
Remember to always carry your National ID passport in case further verification is required.
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